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Early Bird Opens for ACLW's Conference

 Photos of ACLW's Power of a Woman Conference held in the Holmes Building, The University of Sydney. Photos were taken by Courtney Windju.

banner Deeann Green and Emily Mieth POWC Participants POWC Participants                                          

 Diann Rodgers-Healey Kat Armstrong Tracy Howe Adversity Panel: Sue Salthouse, Tracy Howe, Kat Armstrong and Diann adversitypanel2

POWC ParticipantsPOWC Participants ACLW Patrons: Lorraine Denny and Alison Hemsley  Belinda Brooks, Deeann Green, Emily Mieth introduced by Lorraine Denny    Belinda Brooks: Singer POWC Participants POWC Participants  POWC Participants

POWC Participants Diversity Panel: Judy Saba, Rachelle Towart and Nareen Young with Diann  Judy Saba, Rachelle Towart and Nareen Young  Transition and Alignment Panel ACLW Patron: Prof Shirley Randell speaking in Transition and Alignment Panel Senator Claire Moore talking to Sue SalthousePOWC ParticipantsPOWC Participants  Yi Ming Lai: Pianist and Singer  YiMingMai2  Yi Ming Lai on Piano YiMingMai3 POWC Participants Event Manager: Christine Langford POWC Participants POW Courtney Windju Older Women's Network (OWN) Illawarra Drummers: Heartbeats led by Barbara Malcolm. Franki Thompson, Lily Gulati, Lynne Kavanagh, Raji George, Carol McCord Sydney Gay and Lesbian Choir Sydney Gay and Lesbian Choir Sydney Gay and Lesbian Choir 

Index of Photos:

1. ACLW Banner
2. Deeann Green and Emily Mieth
3, 4, 9, 10, 14, 15, 16, 17, 23, 24, 29 and 31: Power of a Woman Conference Participants
4. Diann Rodgers-Healey
5. Kat Armstrong on Adversity Panel
6. Tracy Howe on Adversity Panel
7 and 8: Adversity Panel: Sue Salthouse, Tracy Howe and Kat Armstrong with Diann
11. ACLW Patrons Lorraine Denny and Alison Hemsley
12. Emily Mieth, Deeann Green and Belinda Brooks introduced by Lorraine Denny
12: Belinda Brooks
18 and 19: Panel on Diversity: Judy Saba, Rachelle Towart and Nareen Young with Diann
20: Panel on Transition and Alignment: Dr Gabrielley McMullin, Padma Raman, Christine Forster and Prof Shirley Randell
21: ACLW's Patron, Professor Shirley Randell
22. Senator Claire Moore speaking to Sue Salthouse
25, 26, 27 and 28:  Yi Ming Lai: Pianist and Singer
30. ACLW's Event Manager, Christine Langford
32. Diann and participants
33. Courtney Windju, Events Assistant
34. Older Women's Network (OWN) Illawarra Drummers, Heartbeats led by Barbara Malcolm. Drummers: Franki Thompson, Lily Gulati, Lynne Kavanagh, Raji George, Carol McCord
35, 36 and 37: Sydney Gay and Lesbian Choir (SGLC) 

Comments about the Event

"I found this environment very empowering. Although it gave due importance to challenges faced by women, the themes focused on what had been learned in overcoming the challenges and how much can be done by a few strong individuals supporting each other. Thank you immensely. Love and Gratitude"
"An excellent variety of speakers. Vey valuable points and ideas raised which I am taking home with me. Very well organised and smoothly run. I look forward to the next. Thank you."
"It was engaging, interesting, moving and inspirational. Thank you. It was such a great mixture of women from different areas and the stories they shared were profound."
"Thank you for all the insightful speakers."
"Congratulations Diann on a superb day. A very well thought out program. I loved the diversity there which grew through the day- but also the diversity of the program - perfect balance with speakers, panels and wonderful music.  Thankyou for inspiring everyone here today to let their light shine, - the world will be a better pace for what we have participated in together today. And now - Rest well!"
"An excellent day. Thank you for your fabulous organising and support for all your amazing friends."
"A most interesting and inspirational day. I thoroughly enjoyed our time together."
"A great conference. I CAN DO IT."
"I found all the women really inspiring - as a university student and student leader, it's great to hear from real people who I can identify with. It motivates me to work hard and take risks, not be afraid to try something new - or something that I may not be fully "qualified" for yet. Just give it a go!"
"Thank you for organising such an enlightening event. The diversity and inclusivity that has been a part of today’s proceedings is to yours and its credit. Great selection of speakers and events, I have taken so much from today."
"Enjoyed the honesty and sharing with other women. Loved the networking. Excellent speakers. The entertainment was lovely. Thank you for a great day."
"I enjoyed the range of presenter who spoke from their personal experience and perspective.  I felt inspired to give voice to my experience and to believe in myself.  There were no 'hidden' agendas. There was a feeling of belonging! No judgement. Common experiences despite our various backgrounds. Fantastically facilitated - well considered questions which brought out the best from the speakers."
"It was absolutely fabulous to hear about women's life stories and experiences not just policy and (as) such really was inspiring and uplifting - honest and wise, funny and heart felt."
"I'm going to continue striving to "follow a positive path."
"Thank you so much. I'll take a lot away from this conference today - the value of mothers, mentors, teachers, what many wonderful women have achieved. It's also reinforced what I've always believed, that humour and positivity take us a long way. And the feed was great! Many thanks again."
"Interesting, educational, inspiring day. Excellent. Thank you. Fabulous to have all the musical interludes."
"Thank you Diann and ACLW. It was a wonderful day - the speakers shared great insights and I loved the musical performances also."


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