Women's 2010 Pre-Election Analysis Panel

on Friday, 20 April 2012. Posted in Gillard Election 2010 Campaign

Established in the run up to Australia's 2010 election, the Women's 2010 Pre-Election Panel aimed to discuss and analyse the policies and issues of the Australian Labor, Liberal, Democrats and Green Parties in relation to how they impact on women.

The primary aims of this Panel were:

  • to empower women to make an informed decision when voting in the next Australian election
  • to present proposals for changes and the concerns of women which Panelists' representative groups want to draw attention to
  • to provide valuable input for a range of key policy areas
  • to be a point of connection between policy makers and women to develop an awareness of what women are experiencing and what they really want election policies to address
  • to be a recognisable force in steering policy formation and in empowering women to critically analyse the issues at stake
  • to enable federal women politicians to connect with Australian women by stating their views and party policies, respond to other panellists' commentaries and enhance their own awareness of key issues which concern women

Invitations were emailed to women MPs, Senators and Shadow MPs to join the Panel to to provide direct input into women's issues and to connect online with women on a national scale in the run up to the next election. It was envisaged that their involvement would be extremely valuable to women and to them, as it would enable them to guage the concerns of women first hand as Panellists can comment online on their discussions and other women can reach them via the contact details published with their profile.