Issues of Concern for Women

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Issues of Concern for Women


NT Intervention - What has not happened
Remote Communities in the NT: Full-time employment vs Part-time employment, and programs for young women
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women in Leadership Roles
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women in Leadership Roles
Employment, Education and Training

Joy Cardona

Putting the good society back on the agenda
A Feminist Election Manifesto
Henry Review
Boring boy stuff dominates this budget
How to discourage more mothers from combining work and family: CHILD CARE COSTS, HENRY REVIEW, SHARMAN STONE
Recognising Merit
What is a Feminist Policy Framework? 
A big feminist challenge – how to judge our first female PM? 
The Election and Leadership
Read WEL Policy Statements Before You Vote

Eva Cox

The Great Paid Parental Leave Caper 
Supporting Parents through affordable, accessible, quality child and after school hours care
Henry Report-Australia’s Future Tax System- \Government Response 
Federal Budget Response
Paid Parental Leave Scheme almost an Act
Paid Paternity Leave (PPL) Update 18 June 2010
Federal Election 2010
Paid Parental Leave- Government and Opposition policies
Election 2010: What’s in it for women?

Marie Coleman

Unifem's Key Issues for the Next Election 
Childcare - A cost to Australian Families
Equal Pay equals Equality
Limited results for women in budget
Time for Action is Now (Violence against women)
A First Step for Women
The Daily Challenge of Women in our Region 
Mounting election fever and historical changes for women
“Political Footballs” and the importance of language
Gender Without Borders

Sue Conde

Dominant issues crying out for courageous policy
Climate Change and the Budget
Diverting Australia’s Military Budget to defend against Climate Change
A Feminist Future
The Feminine Face of Australia’s National Obscenity
The Choice: A woman with an eye for the future,, or a man with his head in the past

Lynette Dumble

Economic wellbeing and financial security for achieving equity for women
Henry Report, the Budget and Women
Paid Parental Leave
A Female Prime Minister and Paid Parental Leave
Pay Equity
Care Economy

Kate Gunn

The Older Women’s Network Australia 
Health (Part 1)
Health (Part 2)
An Opposition without Policies
Future Financial Security
Ageing Population
Inconsequential Arguments

Sally Jones

What disability rights activists are looking for from the major parties
The Population Debate and the "ménage a trios"
Preliminary response to Henry Tax Review 
Congratulations to the Parliament on passing the legislation on paid parental leave

Licia Kokocinski

Women as Carers
Skilled Migrants
Elder Abuse Awareness
Older Australians
International Students – Negatives and Positives 
Aged Care Continuing Issues
Dementia - A Hidden Potential Epidemic

Marion Lau

International Students Need Human Rights Protection
The complexity of immigrant and refugee women’s needs and issues make them a “hard basket” sector

Melba Marginson

Pay Inequity in Australia

Sally McManus

Sterilising the Disabled
The Importance of Government Mechanisms to Support Women 
Gendered analysis needed to ensure disability support is equitable
Supporting independence – not pushing into work
Getting people with disabilities elected 
Australia's Agenda for Women
A Women Prime Minister Working for Women with Disabilities?
Voting for the rights of women with disabilities

Christina Ryan

Better Health Outcomes for the Bush
Current key issues for women in rural Australia: What Rural Women Want

Darriea Turley

Politicians on Panel