Louise Perram-Fisk

on Monday, 21 May 2012. Posted in Advancement of Women in the Workplace Award (AWWA)

Louise Perram-Fisk

Louise Perram-Fisk, Queensland State Government, Public Service Association

Louise Perram-Fisk's Inspiring Women Series was scoped early in 2009 and launched in September 2009 and is now an ongoing program for the Queensland Government.       The program was designed to support women to develop their careers and empower their lives within  the Queensland Public sector.    

The project aims to:  

  • Reduce gender disparity over a longer period within leadership cohorts of the Queensland Public Service

  • Promoting equity by providing women in Brisbane and throughout regional, rural and remote areas with targeting learning and development to meet their needs

  • Enabling women’s advancement in the workplace by supporting their development through targeted learning and engaging senior management in their development

Ms Perram-Fisk instigated the Inspiring Women Series because she strongly believes in the empowerment of women in the workplace.  She made a commitment to herself after winning a Business Woman of the Year award in late 2008 that she would do something to support women in Queensland to give back for this honour.  Ms Perram-Fisk set out to understand what blockages could be removed to support women in the workforce.  In the Queensland Public Service with 230,000 employees, there are a significant number that make up the AO2 to AO7 cohort.  From that level upwards, the numbers of women decrease significantly in proportion to men.  It became obvious to her from conversations with representatives from this group that there were some fundamental issues that could be addressed to support the advancement of this cohort.  The common themes that emerged included:

  • Procrastination

  • Personal branding

  • Planning – personally and professionally

  • How to engage effectively with risk

  • Visibility

  • Networking

  • Communication and understanding male and female differences

  • Influencing and negotiating

  • Managing a life balance effectively

In May 2009, the Inspiring Women series was born, addressing the above issues over a 12 week program.  Currently 409 women have graduated, and another 400 will be commencing in February 2010, with another 400 in May and August 2010. The Program reaches  across the state into rural areas like ChartersTowers and Emerald, and over long distances into Cairns, and into remote indigenous communities in inland and coastal Queensland.    The Inspiring Women series is now an approved core program for the Queensland Public Sector.  It is included in the funding and strategic planning for 2010 and beyond.


Thank you note from Louise Perram-Fisk

"Dear Diann 

It is such a surprise and absolute delight  to receive this wonderful news.  It is such an honour to be counted among such deserving women, all contributing to the advancement of women across Australia. 

I look forward to continuing my contribution to this important issue.  I truly thank CLW and the sponsors for highlighting the work of many women, for many women across Australia.

Thank you so much.