Nazhat Shameem

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Nazhat Shameem

Nazhat Shameem is a barrister and solicitor of the High Court of Fiji and a barrister of the Inner Temple London. She is a graduate of Sussex University, England, where she obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Law and of the University of Cambridge where she obtained a Masters in Law degree and a Master of Philosophy degree in Criminology.  She was born in Fiji, and was a prosecutor at the office of the DPP from 1984 to 1999. During her time as a prosecutor, she conducted a variety of prosecutions ranging from sexual assault to homicide and fraud. She was Fiji’s Director of Public Prosecutions from 1994 to 1999. In 1999, she was appointed a High Court judge. She was the first woman to be appointed a judge in Fiji. She served as a criminal judge until April 10th 2009, when the Constitution was abrogated by the President. She now runs her own consultancy, and spends much of her time conducting workshops on legal skills, on corporate governance, on gender justice and on public sector corruption and fraud.

Nazhat has a special interest in the way the justice system treats women and children, and has helped to conduct seminars on gender justice for judges, magistrates, prosecutors and police officers in Fiji and abroad. She has also assisted in initiatives to combat fraud and corruption in Fiji, and in particular in the judicial and legal sectors. She is a trustee of a number of non-governmental organizations, including the Women’s Action for Change, and Really Make a Difference, an NGO committed to youth justice and self-empowerment programmes for young people. She is a member of the Advisory Council for the Women’s Initiatives for Gender Justice on the International Criminal Court. She is married to Aslam Khan, CEO of Vodafone (Fiji), and they have two children.

Interview with Nazhat Shameem

Gender, Justice and Judges paper by Madam Shameed at teh  Fiji Judiciary Criminal Law Workshop for Judges and Magistrates, June 2012

Speech by Madam Justice Nazhat Shameem, Fiji High Court 2008