Women’s World Banking Gender Performance Indicators

on Monday, 24 February 2014. Posted in Women's Advancement in Asia Pacific

Women’s World Banking recognizes that women should be the face of microfinance, not just in rhetoric but in reality. Microfinance needs a universal analytic framework to measure gender performance if the industry is to move “beyond the numbers,” to consider not only how many women it serves, but how well and with what outcomes.

As the only global microfinance network with an explicit commitment to serve women, Women’s World Banking is uniquely positioned to take the lead in developing a comprehensive set of comparable and standardized gender performance indicators.

This manual presents the final indicators and tips on their implementation within institutions that serve the poor, including some notable findings from our initial testing and analysis. It is a tool that is intended to give institutions valuable business and social information to improve outreach and service to women. Most importantly, the indicators included in this manual can provide institutions essential mechanisms to measure the achievement of mission. 

The indicators of the gender performance framework outlined in this manual are organized within several areas:

• Client-Centric Focus

• Institutional Focus

• Financial and Social Outcomes

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