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November 2016

CENTSABLE – A national website to assist women By Karen O’Connor; The Baulkham Hills Ladies African Troupe; ‘So you think you can’t network’ by Lin McDevitt-Pugh; Personal reflections by Marita Mayengehama ‘The Art of Care is the Ideal Concept.’ 

November 2015 


Interview with Leisel Y Talery, Gender Director of the National Elections Commission of Liberia; Women’s Leadership – structural, cultural and institutional barriers to equality by Nazhat Shameem Khan; The Game Changer - Isn’t it time to start discussing male quotas in parental leave? by Shirley Chowdhary; Women in Support of Women on Nauru by Julie Macken, Luisa Low; Riding for Children by Sarah Valentine; No FGM Australia by Paula Ferrari; Research News: Women surfers under-paid and over-sexualised by Dr Roslyn Franklin

November 2014


This edition features the powerful speech given by Julian Burnside upon receiving the Sydney Peace Prize with thought provoking reflections and insights about our direction as a nation. Also featured is the work of some extraordinary women leaders who continue to face significant challenges, but are persisting in navigating these challenges with innovation and courage. It also highlights the initiatives of women who are providing pathways to empower young girls and women. Authored by Shyam Pokharel, Director, SASANE, the story of Pushpa and Ganga who both received paralegal training from SASANE, an organisation in Nepal, established by former female victims of human trafficking to increase women's access to justice and achieve systemic change within the legal system, is moving and inspirational. 


November 2013


This edition features the work of some extraordinary women leaders who make a difference in strengthening the recognition of women and children’s rights and their empowerment internationally. Actions for consideration by The Male Champions of Change group to increase the representation of women in leadership are included in this edition in the hope that they build momentum and create inspiration for leaders at all levels to advance women in workplaces.

November 2012


Feminist Jurisprudence and a new perspective: Culture and Gender by Siffat Khan; Australia in the Asian Century: Conscious Capitalism by D. Rodgers-Healey; Women’s Situation in Afghanistan in 2012 by nasim Rahmani; Safe at Home, Safe at Work Campaign by Ludo McFerran                                                              


November 2011


Interview with Libby Lloyd, CEO of White Ribbon Australia; History of White Ribbon; Data on violence against women in Australia.

July 2010


21 hours: a new norm for the working week? by Anna Coote, New Economics Foundation

November 2009

Women's Solutions to the Fore as the Curtain Closes on the Third Millennium's First Decade by Dr Lynette J. Dumble Founder and Director of the Global Sisterhood Network; ASYLUM SEEKERS-A soft touch? Not according to the evidence By Peter Browne, Inside Story; Bottling the GFC* experience: Lessons we have learned By Juliet Bourke Aequus; Campaign aims to help more children Survive to Five by Suzzane Dvorak, CEO Save the Children Australia; Go Home on Time Day Campaign by The Australia Institute

July 2009

Feminist Analysis: Gender, Race and Religion  The Idea of "Intersectionality"? by Dr Bronwyn Winter; Kath Mazzella: I lost my femininty...don't lose yours; Graham Young: Expectations and the Global Financial Crisis; Nareen Young: Diversity in a Downturn: Responding to a Global GFC; Speech by Justice Nazhat Shameem on Inequities for women in Fiji

March 2009

Building Your Mission Statement; 30 YEARS OF A GLOBAL BILL OF RIGHTS FOR WOMEN; Book Talk:Nancy, Bird. "My God! Its A Woman"

November 2008

Global Issues: What will Obama bring to Poznan?; Election Day in the US; Obama's Position on Issues affecting Women; Corporate meltdown: Some insights; G20 Meeting in Sao Paulo, Brazil 9 Nov 08; Sex and Power report reveals fewer women in positions of power and influence; Global climate change presents a serious national security threat for the US; Afghanistan: The slim possibility of peace and the probability of a longer, wider, more dangerous war National Issues: Gender equality: What matters to Australian women and men;  2008 EOWA AUSTRALIAN CENSUS OF WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP; Stillbirth: It won’t happen to me…; What every woman should know about stillbirth; Talking about stillbirth: A male perspective; COAG - A new era in federal financial relations; Read the Communiqué from COAG ; National Curriculum; A National Quality Framework for Early Childhood Education and Care; 2008 Status report on diversity and flexibility; The role of NGOs; My Favourite Australian; Bicycle Ambulances Saving Lives; Homeless World Cup  BookTalk: Whistleblowing under the microscope;  WEL history published; Stella Miles Franklin: A Biography By Jill Roe

January 2008

Say No to Violence UN campaign; Gender bias and female leadership styles; Companies with more women Board Directors experience higher financial performance; International Ethical Leaders of 2007; Carbon labels – A green mark too far? US Corporate Citizenship Survey; Australia's Apology to the Stolen Generations; The Sorry Day Pledge Books; Australia 2020 Summit; WOMEN have scored three of the four most heavyweight jobs with Prime Minister Kevin Rudd;Ethical leaders who made a difference in 07;Gender Pay Gap & Paid Maternity leave requires Government Action says the Democrats; Future of School in Australia Report; Online Self-Assessment Tool (OSAT); Building Livable Communities; Gehl’s vision to reclaim Sydney’s heart; No fear: Growing up in a risk averse society; Ministerial Code of Conduct;VICHEALTH: Preventing Violence before it occurs

November 2007 

Every seven seconds a malnourished child dies : More food is not enough MSF calls for expanded use of nutrient rich ready-to-use food; The 21st century donor; Rising to the Humanitarian Challenge in Iraq; Japan and India as partners for the peace and stability of Asia; The governance of Britain; Call for Women to Register with new AppointWomen Online Database; WOMEN’S ELECTORAL LOBBY AUSTRALIA; Housing affordability: a 21st century problem; Election 2007: Federal-State Relations; What's the score? A survey of cultural diversity and racism in Australian sport; In the balance: The future of Australia's primary schools; Staff Bullying in Australian Schools

 July 2007 

The State of the World’s Children 2007; Are Americans Ready to Elect a Female President?An elected House of Lords? Climate Institute of Australia; Women Entrepreneurs: 18 Inspiring Tales of Small Business Success;  Greenhouse Pollution; Report of the Task Group on Emissions Trading; The 1967 Referendum—history and myths; Gender and the Australian Parliament; What Women Want - WorkChoices Report by NFAW; Australia's Uranium; Overcoming Indigenous Disadvantage: Key Indicators 2007 Indigenous Report; Community concern over Australia's anti-terror laws; Unfair Shores Campaign Kit; Australian RIRDC Rural Women’s Award 2007 Winner; Group of Eight outlines a new vision for Australian higher education; The Australian Bar Association presents Honorary Membership for Major Dan Mori; Better  conditions, better business;  Give us more services, not just money bribes says national women's organisation; Australia off the track with Greenhouse pollution

 March 2007 


New UN Chief heads an organization that faces scepticism and support; What Was on the US Public's Mind in 2006; European Professional Women's Network Publishes its Second Bi-annual European PWN Board Women Monitor 2006; The 2006 Gender Gap Report; The fifty-first session of the Commission on Status of Women Water and the Media; State of the Public Service Report 2005 -2006 by the Australian Public Service; RAR Regional Australia calling for David Hicks mistreatment to end; Paper by Eva Cox on RACISM; Women workers and low paid worst affected by IR laws: New research 


 November 2006 


Our Social Rights and Responsibilities: The new politics of welfare; Secretary-General calls for action on Gender Equality; Should Editors publish sensitive material? Do Australian newspapers have a future? USA Voting Behaviour; Who Should Lead the Liberals to the 2007 Election?


September Special Edition


The 18th Women, Management and Employee Relations Conference, 2006; Essays on Leadership by Oxford University future Leaders; The 2006 ADC Gandel Oration; Medecins Sans Frontieres Australia

July 2006

WORLD FOCUS: UNIFEM appoints a new Regional Programme Director for the Pacific; Annan inaugurates UN’s strengthened Human Rights Council with appeal for ‘new era’; Uniting Against Terrorism; World’s poorest countries see some growth but poverty rates persist – UN report NATIONAL FOCUS: Commissioner Goward concerned that gender is still an issue in senior level appointments; Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW)  34th session in New York; The Voices of Homeless Young Australians; Statistics in Australia’s Health 2006; Federal Budget 2006 - ACOSS Response; Human Rights must come first; Budget 2006/07  Women Forge Ahead in NSW; Australia's IR Laws re Among The World's Worst: ILO Complaint; Corporate Responsibility Index RESEARCH  & REPORTS: Aboriginal Education: Remote Schools and the Real Economy; 2006 Education Profile for Australia Now Available; Innovation Report Reveals Strengths in Science and Innovation;NEWS: Call for Nominations; Charter for the Teaching Profession Consultation; UQ Project Helps Kids and Teens Overcome Anxiety; A clearer picture of women's pay and conditions in the workforce; National Inquiry into Discrimination against People in Same-Sex Relationships: Financial and Work-Related Entitlements and Benefits; Senate Inquiry to regulate Pregnancy Counselling; Rural and Regional Women's Representation;


November 2005


WORLD FOCUS: Key Facts about Avian Influenza (Bird Flu) and Avian Influenza A (H5N1) Virus; 2005 World Summit Outcome; 2005 Overview of Estimated Food Needs and Shortfalls for WFP Operational Activities; UN Secretary-General congratulates G-8 for steps on Africa Climate Change; Natural Disasters Expose Gender Divides; Sex Discrimination Suit Against Morgan Stanley results in $40million settlement NATIONAL FOCUS: New Workplace Laws; Tell the Senate your concerns - A letter from Sharon Burrows, ACTU President; Tsunami Disaster in Asia - Teaching Tools: A Tool Kit for Primary and Secondary Schools in Australia; Australia's Farmers: past, present & future - Report June 2005; Second Report on Indigenous Disadvantage; Blueprint for the Bush; A Snapshot of Women's Representation on Selected Regional Bodies RESEARCH & RESOURCES: Alcohol Awareness Survey 2005 by the Salvation Army; DEPORTED TO DANGER: A Study of Australia’s Treatment of 40 Rejected Asylum Seekers; What’s the deal? Australian Community Sector Survey 2005 Report; Want to be a Mentor or Mentee in the Young Women's Leadership Project? FEATURE ARTICLE: New Report supports ACTU Call to Ban Individual Contracts for Young Workers 

September 2005

WORLD FOCUS: World-wide vigilance to protect sharks; United Nations World Youth Report 2005; NATIONAL FOCUS: What Women Want Project; Political Money Trail - The Greens democracy4sale Project; Controversial Reformer - Steven Schwartz; New Australian Government arrangements in indigenous affairs; A Changing Climate for Australia and  our response; Australia: ‘The Tampa’ Four Years On Amnesty Project; Report on Women in Detention Centres; RESOURCES & RESEARCH: Just Ask Toolkits; Depression and the Drought; Best Options for promoting healthy weight and preventing weight gain in NSW; Tell your local MP that you care in 3 quick steps; GetUp Action for Australia; FEATURE STORY: Who's being unfair on small business?

July 2005

WORLD FOCUS:What Year is it?   Missing in Childhood The Gender Gap Report State of the World Mothers; NATIONAL FOCUS: Speech by ABC's Donald McDonald; Commitment to Women's Safety in South Australia; Petro Georgiou MP and Judy Moylan MP demanding major changes to asylum seeker treatment; 2005 Human Rights Medal and Awards officially open; Parents still ignored in a Budget stuck in a time warp; CURRENT RESEARCH: Survey of Employee Attitudes to Industrial Relations Reform;  Australian Political Influence Survey; The National Values Framework for Values Education in Australian Schools

May 2005


WORLD FOCUS:A More Secure World: Our Shared Responsiblity; Indo-Australian Tectonic Plate at Risk; NATIONAL FOCUS:2005 Pamela Denoon Lecture by Professor Judith Whitworth; The Natasha Factor: Politics, Media and Betrayal by Alison Rogers; A History of International Women's Day in words and images; CURRENT RESEARCH: On the Battlefield of Women's Bodies: An Overview of the Harm of War to Women

March 2005

WORLD FOCUS: Learning the Lessons of the Tsunami – One Month On; Tsunami Analysis & Timeline; NATIONAL FOCUS: Arundhati Roy; Women Chiefs of Enterprises; Sexual Harrassment in the Workplace; Discrimination, Good Practice Guide; CURRENT RESEARCH: Attitudes to Social Justice; Women and the Economy; NEWS FLASH: Beijing Plus Ten (2005)

November 2004

Enough, Speech by Patricia Hughes; $8Billion Cost of Domestic Violence; Violence Begins at Home; The Road to a Republic; Senior Women Executives and the Cultures of Management; Glass Ceiling on the Boards of the World's 200 Largest Companies; Training a Spotlight on Urban Citizenship: The Case of Women in London and Toronto; Portrayal of Women Within the UK's Media; Fourth Howard Ministry; Parameters for the report to the National Executive on the 2004 Federal Election result for the ALP; Nobel prize for an environmental activist breaks new ground


October Special Edition - 2004 Federal Election

CLW's guide to help women vote


Speeches related to Gender Issues in Elections 

Public Advocacy and Campaign Activities

Marginal Seats and Election Issues

General Election Questions answered

Election Websites


September 2004 


The Impact of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) on The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) ; Peak Australian Community Organisations call for rejection of US Free Trade Agreement; Women and Self Governance By Professor Lowitja O'Donoghue; Questionnaire to Governments on the Implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action (1995); 2004 - the 20th Anniversary of the Federal Sex Discrimination Act 1984; A Tribute to Wendy Weeks; 1000 Women for the Nobel Peace Prize 2005; Labor's women's policy scored attention, but will it help at poll time?  The Courage of Afghanistan's Malalai Joya; World Media Leaders Launch Aids Initiative; UN Experts Say Gender Equality Essential to Fighting Spread of AIDS in Asia; Adult Learners' Week around the world

July 2004 Issue

Paid Maternity Leave; Interview with Senator Stott Despoja; Reactions to Howard's Universal Maternity Payment; Political Action by Australian Feminists; The Health Costs of Violence Report by Victorian Health Promotion Foundation (VicHealth); Major Conference 'Stop Violence Against Women'; Domestic Violence by Senator Natasha Stott Despoja; The Art of Listening and The Campaign for Leadership by Frances Hesselbein; NBC News' Meet The Press Interview with Colin Powell; UC Berkeley Anthropology Professor working on Organs Trafficking; My Journey Kit by Breast Cancer Network Australia

May 2004 Issue


Honouring the Hon Mary Gaudron; Inquiry into an Australian Republic; The State of the World's Children 2004 Report; UN Study on Impact of Globalization Shows Uneven Results; UN Commission on Human Rights: Sexual rights are human rights; ACT Passes First Human Right Bill; Medicare Plus: The Illusion of Social Justice; Commission on the Status of Women Forty-Eighth Session; A Head Start for Australia: An Early Years Framework; Women are Region's Peacemakers, But Excluded from Leadership; Jessie Street - Streets Ahead; The Real Masculinity Crisis; Grubby Sex Has Just Become a Bit Noisier; World Uranium Weapons Conference

March 2004 Issue 

International Women’s Day 8 March 2004 Statement by Noeleen Heyzer, Executive Director, UNIFEM; An interview with Mary Robinson: Making ‘global’ and ‘ethical’ Rhyme; Conference Address by Mary Robinson: Clash or Consensus: Gender and Human Security in a Globalized World; Advocacy, Workshop Paper by Dr John Murphy, Mornington Peninsula Community Connections, at the Network of Inner East Community Houses Inc, Victoria, 17th June 2003; What are Tomorrow's Leaders Thinking Today?; United Nations Awardees for the 2003 Prize; Jane Fonda's Speech at the National Women's Leadership Summit Washington , D.C. June 12, 2003

November 2003 Issue

Sounds, Silences and Contradictions: Gender Equity in Commonwealth Higher Education; The Future of Work - In Search Of Sustainability Conference; Health Reform in America; Putting home ownership back in reach; Elimination of Violence Against Women News; Opinion poll shows tide is turning for refugees; SIEVX - Unanswered Questions; Nigeria's Amina Lawal's Stoning Sentence Overturned; CEO Turnover Points to a Short-Term Australia; Literacy Volunteer Tutoring TAFE NSW


September 2003 Issue


World Population Day 2003 Statement by Thoraya Ahmed Obaid, Executive Director of UNFPA; Making 1 Billion Count: Investing in Adolescents’ Health and Rights; Empowering Youth about their Sexuality; 2003 Human Development Index Reveals Development Crisis; Mandela through a Gender Lens; The Australian Republican Movement (ARM) Appoints New National Director; Following the Footsteps of Young Indigenous Leaders; Girls go Global Project; UPDATE: Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women(CEDAW); The International Criminal Court's first prosecutor, Luis Moreno Ocampo; Protocol on Women's Rights adopted by the Maputo African Unity Summit; Call for Chapter Proposals: THE PSYCHOLOGY OF PREJUDICE AND DISCRIMINATION

July 2003 Issue

People and Water By Richard Pratt; The Challenge of Justice and Truth for our leaders by Sir William Deane; PM's Senate Reform Plan; Proposed Amendments to the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Act; Professor Mick Dodson calls for action to stop brutality in Aboriginal  Communities; Three Stage Plan to Halve Child Poverty in 10 Years - ACOSS

May 2003 Issue

War with Iraq: A Just War? by Dr Simon Longstaff, Executive Director at St James Ethics Centre; The End of Equality? Australian Women and the Howard Government by Professor Anne Summers AO PhD; Executive Salaries by Dr Simon Longstaff Executive Director at St James Ethics Centre; Human Rights Bill Threatens Human Rights Commission's Independence; On Leadership by Linda Nicholls, Chairman of Australia Post Teaching Children about Conflict in the World

March 2003 Issue 

A Statement By President Carter: An Alternative To War by Jimmy Carter; Sponsor a Peace Statement; Pity the poor recipients of regime change By Adele Horin; Peace Not War - A Poem by Diann Rodgers-Healey; Older Women Speak Up - Violence in the Home; National Rural Women's Secretariat (NRWS); New Appointment for the High Court By Kim Rubenstein; The Social Audit Cookbook Recipes for auditing the way we connect By Eva Cox; U.N. Election Raises Questions about Women's Health; International Year for Freshwater; EDNA Awards - Nominate someone you admire! Curriculum Leadership

November 2002


Community Capacity Building and Asset Mapping by Angie Dedrick of Canada for Western WISE Network; The ALP Hawke-Wran Report; How to Elect the President by Dr Jocelynne A. Scutt; Leadership of Women in the United Nations & Farewell Speech by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Mary Robinson; The Tampa: One Year On - How the Human Spirit Responds to Oppression, Speech by Sr Susan Connelly;Not this Country, A Poem by Dr Jocelynne Scutt;The Development of Port Augusta as a Learning Community;Women in Vocational Education and Training Survey;'Mapping the Future: a Discussion Paper' for Queensland women and girls - Have your say; An Invitation by ANTA's CEO to Join in the Next National VET Strategy; Keeping Kids Fit;New Report: 100 Children Turn 10. A Longitudinal Study of Literacy; National Youth Roundtable - 2003 Applications Open; Professional Development - New Website for Teachers Launched; Landmark Report into Boys' Education; Education Now to Build a Better Future

September 2002

Developing Leadership in Students and Staff  By Diann Rodgers-Healey; Youth Homelessness Report  By David MacKenzie & Assoc. Prof.ChrisChamberlainRMITUniversity;

July 2002

Carmen Lawrence MP Address to Emily’s List; The Women's Constitutional Convention;  Women at Work: The Next Decade By Avril Henry; Women Leaders on the Environment, Apartheid in the Holy Land By Desmond Tutu; Educational Attainment and Labour Market Outcomes Symposium; Wanted: Women willing to run the nation By Robin Gerber; Organisations with Established Learning Cultures; Best USA Distance Learning Graduate Schools Guide; A Survey of Online Uni Education and Service in Australia; Project - USEFUL BOX for Single Mothers

May 2002 

How War Affects Women and Children, a Speech by  Cora Weiss, President of the International Peace Bureau; Australia’s Proposed Anti-Terrorism Laws; Leadership in Action Speeches by Sr Susan Connelly and Dr John Yu for Palm Sunday 2002; Australia’s Population Challenge by David Buckingham; Community Renewal and Social Capital by Dr Jenny Onyx; Tahmeena Faryal, Senior Spokesperson, Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) Speech and SBS Interview; A Tribute to Helen Leonard; Interview with ACTU President, Sharan Burrow; Paid Maternity Leave; Good Practice in Indigenous Consumer Education by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC); Good Practice in Youth Development - A Framework of Principles A Discussion Document by Ausyouth; We the Children - Meeting the promises of the World Summit for Children, A Landmark Report issued by UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan; National Review of Group Training - A report by ANTA, Final Draft for Consultation; Online Training in an Online World - A Survey focusing on e-learning in the corporate world and other training settings 

January 2002

Leadership and Integrity by Judge Margaret Sidis; Women's Leadership in Public Life by Associate Professor Wendy Weeks;

December 2001

"Women in the Law - What Next?" By The Hon Justice Michael Kirby; Western Australian Vice Chancellor's Harmony Day Oration By The Rt Hon Mr Malcolm Fraser; Educating Youth Against Racism - A Report Prepared by Morris Lipson for the UN; Women and Leadership By Cathy Miller, Chair of the Queensland Premier's Council for Women; The Forgetting of Wisdom By Win Metcalfe of The Older Women's Network; RAWA, the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan; Visions for a Nation speech by the Hon Joan Kirner for the Hawke Centre; Enterprising Woman of the Year in South Australia

November 2001


November Special Edition - 2001 Australian Federal Election


3 articles by David Clutterbuck;Key Issues Facing Law in the 21st Century - a Report by the Law Council of Australia; Bringing Home the Truth by Justine Daly; The Success Factors - Managing Change in Regional and Rural Australia - a Report by the RWAC; From Family to Region - Building links for a sustainable future by Cathy McGowan; Women Taking Action - Making a Difference in Regional and Rural Communities; Having a Life: Work, Family, Fairness and Community in 2000 by Barbara Pocock; Beyond 2001-Child Care for Australia Report by the Commonwealth Child Care Advisory Council

Special Edition: Survey of Political Parties on major issues; Parties' commitment to Women; Peak Bodies Comment; Profile of Candidates and Electorates; Indigenous Election Issues and Candidates; Strategic Voting

October 2001


Why Children Need to Know Their Rights By Moira Rayner; Beyond Child Survival: UNICEF's State of World's Children Report 2001; ABC Interview with QC Geoffrey Robertson - USA Retaliation and Justice; ACTU Study: Fifty Families- What unreasonable hours are doing to Australians, their families and their communities; Job Security No 1 poll issue for women by ACTU; ANTA Labour Market Outcomes for Young People Report; Knowledge economy rocks research foundations too; How can women be involved in CHOGM? U21 New Online University

September 2001

Women's Role in Grassroots Leadership in Rural, Regional and Remote Australia - the potential for Western Australia; Marriage and relationship research and education in Australia - where to from here? Coalition Of Responsible Taxpayers (CORT);  Invitation to respond to Minister Philip Ruddock's Consultations 2002-2003 Migration and Humanitarian Programs and Associated Settlement Issues; The New Zealand Time Use Survey Executive Summary 


August 2001


Focuses on:  Measuring Social Capital-A study addresses: "Is there such a thing as "social capital", is, does the concept have an empirically meaningful reality? And if so, Can we develop a valid practical measure of social capital?"    What Makes a Champion Conference by The Centre for the Mind;  and The ATN WEXDEV Model, a dynamic and strategic career development program designed for senior women on the academic and general staffs of these universities. 


July 2001  


Ten articles by Ellen Galinsky on topics that are of concern to parents on an international scale. Ellen Galinsky is the President and Co-Founder of Families and Work Institute, a Manhattan-based non-profit organization conducting research on the changing family, workplace and community.  A leading authority on work-family issues,  Galinsky is the author of over 20 books and reports, including, Ask the Children, The Six Stages of Parenthood and The Preschool Years

June 2001

Address to Victorian Women Lawyers by by Rosemary Calder, First Assistant Secretary, OSW;A Clever Country means extending learning opportunities By Tony Brown, Executive Director of Adult Learning Australia;Policies and Strategies to Build a Learning Culture - An overview of some International Experience and Lessons for Australia By Peter Kearns, Principal of Peter Kearns and Associates;Support Strategies for Women Councillors in NSW - An Issues Paper March 2001 The Hands Up for Women in Council; Have you ever thought of standing for election to a Rural Lands Protection Board?

 May 2001

How far and how fast? Global Warming and an Economic Response by Philip Sutton; The Kyoto Agreement Failure; The Report of the Regional Meeting of Indigenous Peoples of Australia, NZ, Canada, Hawaii and the United States, in preparation for the World Conference against Racism; Practical Reconciliation; Aboriginal Mentoring Program by Lesley Fogarty-Radloff; Congratulating Carol Martin on being elected to Parliament, The new Australian Universities Quality Agency, Civic Education a must for Australian schools.

April 2001

Holistic Healing for Survivors of Abuse - How to be a Survivor not a Victim by Liz Mullinar AM; The Cities or the Bush: Is that the real Problem by Rick Farley; Supporting Women to enter Politics through Networking in Vanuatu by Dr Shirley Randell AM; UN Millenium Peace Prize for Women and UN Women Managing Conflicts seminars

March 2001 

Sir Edward Weary Dunlop Asialink Lecture by the Rt Hon Mr Malcolm Fraser, Empowerment and leadership Resources for Women and announcing Winners of the Australian Rural Women's Award 2001

February 2001 Issue


The Becoming of a Sceptical Optimist by Heather Crosby from South Australia; United Nations Statistics on World Women; and Hot courses for Careers by Morgan and Banks International

January 2001 Issue No 2

A lecture presented by Dr Elizabeth Reid Boyd on her thesis: "Being There"  Dr Boyd reflects on how her exploration of why mothers stay at home and how this is experienced, lead to the realisation that, "mothers at home were usually discussed in tandem with mothers at work. She argues, "for recognition of the relationship between feminists (and mothers at work) and mothers at home, for, in the child care debate, nothing is gained when they are set up as opposites 

January 2001 Issue No 1

With a focus on the nature of anticompetitive behaviours which have emerged as a result of globalisation, the views of  Professor Allan Fels, Chairman of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission are presented through excerpts of his paper, "Trade and Co-operation with the EU in the new Millennium." 

December 2000 Issue 1

Dr Carmen Lawrence, Shadow Minister for Industry, Technology and Innovation, and for the Status of Women,

December 2000 Issue 2

Final Report from the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation. Featuring the conclusions and recommendations of the council at the end of its term of operation, as well as the National Reconciliation Documents: Australian Declaration Towards Reconciliation and Roadmap for Reconciliation.

November 2000 Issue 1

Featuring two papers from the Bullying Conference organised by Dr Jocelynne Scutt. Scutt's Paper,  "Definitive Moments - Capturing the Politics of Bullying" and Shirley Stott Despoja's Paper,  "Bullying and Deafness" explore various themes and personal experiences of being bullied.

November 2000 Issue 2

Ann Sherry looks at what precisely is Intellectual Capital? How does one develop it? How are organisations acknowledging and implementing this concept to their competitive advantage? 

October 2000 Issue 1

Prof. Peter Sheldrake examines the issue about the knowledge that organisations possess.  He argues that 'in most organisations, we don't know what we know, and what little we do know is often the least important knowledge.' 

October 2000 Issue 2

Throughout the world, there is a debate raging over genetically modified (GM) foods. Are they safe? Should they be labelled? How might they affect future health? Dr Rosemary Stanton provides some insights into an issue concerning us all.

September 2000 Issue 1

The views of Global Networking Specialist, Robyn Henderson on what Networking is really about and how anyone, regardless of how confident they are, can apply the principles. 

September 2000 Issue 2

"Sharing a Picture of Children's Development" an innovative Project developed by Senior Project Officer, Judith Gray, of the Centre for Community Child Health at the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne.